Intimate Organics Visits Aren’t We Naughty

Ariana Rodriguez

ONTARIO — Intimate Organics attended the Aren’t We Naughty Staff Day and presented the benefits of its product line to more than 72 of the retail chain’s employees.

Rebecca Powley, Intimate Organics director of new business development, offered demonstration on the products offered.

According to Intimate Organics, “The staff was interested and attentive about the different lubricants, enhancers, and massage oils available. One of the big new favorites that everyone was excited for was their newly expanded line of massage oils recently released. The new oils, appropriately titled Chai, Awake, and Bloom, give consumers more options from their favorite company.”

Intimate Organics also discussed its preferred, all-natural ingredients like plant-derived glycerine, capsicum, clove oil and saccharine.

“Being safe, healthy and green while enjoying your sexual lives is what Intimate Organics strives for,” the company said. “They use USDA Certified Organic Extracts, never test on animals, and are 100 percent vegan so everyone can enjoy high quality and value with their favorite brand. They left the staff at Aren't We Naughty with free gifts of aromatherapy spa gels that made everyone excited and ready to indulge.”

For more information about Intimate Organics, visit, or call (888) 940-6887.