Kelsey Obsession Launches Educational Sex Podcast

ANAHEIM, Calif. Kelsey Obsession has launched her educational sex podcast called Love, Lust & Life.

According to Obsession, the podcast helps individuals and couples with relationship and sex problems. She shares her insights and experiences as a sex researcher, sex educator, adult film star, and her private sex life and relationships.

"The podcast addresses the complexity of our sex lives and offers practical methods to let go of sex problems," she said. "Because its not just sex. When someone doesn't get what they want in bed, chances are they're also not getting what they need at work, school, or in their close relationships. So much sex advice is focused on technique, on how to make a girl squirt or the hottest new sex toy but that's the easy part.

"The real challenge is dealing with the bullshit that stops us from enjoying our bodies and being intimate with our partners. Most relationship and sex problems are subconscious and emotional, that a new sex position won't change. We've picked up beliefs about sex from the media, religion and family; we continue reacting to previous traumas; and our self-esteem ultimately shapes our love and sex lives. We live in a 'quick fix' culture, but real change comes from within. Its not always quick and easy, but its incredibly rewarding."

This free podcast will include interviews with sex educators, researchers, coaches and therapists, sexual healers, and sex-positive sex workers.

Guests for the month of August will include Ev'Yan Whitney of and Jacqui Olliver of Kelsey's husband, Terry Melonson of Melonson Adult, will also make regular appearances to discuss the ins and outs of sex and love from a guy's perspective.

Subscribe to Love, Lust & Life in iTunes. To be a guest on the show, email at