April Flores, Carlos Batts Announce New Film

LOS ANGELES The art-core couple of April Flores and Carlos Batts has announced the erotic cinema verite film "April Flores WORLD" as their next offering.

Following their other exhibitionist offerings "Alter Ego," "Voluptuous Life," "Sola" and "Artcore," April Flores WORLD “is not a typical adult film,” according to Batts' muse, April Flores.

“For this film, we decided that we wanted to go in a new direction," Flores said. "This film does not focus only on sex. I see it as an erotic art film. After many years of not speaking in films, this movie is an opportunity to introduce my personality to the audience beyond just the physical.”

From clips of Flores modeling for photographers and artists to interacting with the camera and sharing her life stories, the film documents a year in the life of the performer, including a pie fight that takes place on the crowded streets of Hollywood with crime author Christa Faust.

“I’ve done so many interviews where I talk about my life,” Flores said. “In this film, I am able to share certain aspects of it beyond printed words.”

A majority of the film was shot with a Kodak Zi8 by artist Carlos Batts; his objective was to utilize the same materials that any amateur or professional could use.

“Now that every person in the world has a video camera, cell phone or recording device, I wanted to create using elements that everyone access to,” Batts said. “There are movie stars playing porn stars; celebrities and politicians now have sex tapes. Fashion models wear fetish clothing on the runway, and porn stars are in the news. It’s a very sexual world out there, and because everyone has a camera, it’s all being recorded, documented, posted and downloaded. 'April Flores WORLD' digitally illustrates a groundbreaking presentation of exhibitionism through the life of voluptuous muse April Flores.”

Flores added, “We wanted to make this film for my fans, who draw inspiration from seeing a plus size woman. I specifically had my female fans in mind while doing the film. We also wanted to make this film as a pseudo-reality show; this is our own take on our own reality. I want to always be authentic, and this film is as authentic as I can be.”

The official DVD release date is Sept. 12 through TLAcult.com, with pre-orders available here.

A preview video for April Flores WORLD is available on YouTube.