Adultmoda Launches Keyword/Tag-based Targeting

Bob Johnson

LONDON — Mobile traffic network Adultmoda has announced the launch of keyword/tag-based targeting that allows publishers to display the most relevant ads possible for each individual request.

The company said the new development allows for greater flexibility and control over real-time ad display, leading to increased relevance, better CTRs and higher revenue.

Adultmoda explained that the offering builds on its niche categorization system but goes considerably further.

Publishers can still use the niche category system for their zones, however, using new context-sensitive keywords, they can send relevant keywords such as content/page tags, along with the ad request. Adultmoda's system takes these keywords into account and selects the most relevant ads for each request.

"We are confident that mobile sites which monetize their content with advertising, such as tube sites, will generate more money by utilizing this new feature," CEO Terry Jackson said.

Also announced this week is the 'Top Earning Countries' page that helps publishers direct their traffic to the major money making countries and operators.

The interface is updated daily and displays the top 10 traffic earners for each ad unit.

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