Steele Malone Embraces an Erotic Revolution

LOS ANGELES Steele Malone glass "dilettos" are becoming part of an erotic revolution, the company said.

According the the company, its dilettos have become a success among high end boutiques and couple friendly shops since the company's premier in 2010.

The artistic Italian flair and collectiblility of the young designers collections are changing the way consumers view and purchase adult products, the company said.

Steele Malone said, "I am here to inspire people to open up the possibilities of their body, mind, and soul. I encourage them to explore themselves consciously to find a balance of peace, power, and inner strength. "

Malone is happy his perception of sexual mainstream is catching on and the industry is taking suit, he said.

To further strengthen the movement Malone welcomes like minded retailers to become official partners of the Erotic Revolution.

New special limited edition releases, collections, and collaborations with leading companies and personalities will be available to these partners only.

If you are interested in more information and how you can become apart of the Erotic Revolution contact