Video: James Deen Stars in Brazzers 'GetRubber!' Video

Rhett Pardon

LUXEMBOURG — Brazzers has added a dark, perhaps disturbing, "Get Rubber!" video to it lineup of public service announcements promoting safe sex.

The latest campaign stars James Deen, who might be considered the hottest straight male porn star in the biz right now after landing a role alongside Lindsay Lohan in the mainstream Bret Easton Ellis film “The Canyons."

In the "Get Rubber!" video, a promiscuous Deen is seen carousing with two women, later ending up with a positive HIV test score in hand.

During the last half of the short video, Deen is seen being resuscitated at the hospital,  appearing with body sores consistent with advanced stages of HIV, or full-blown AIDS.

Brazzers and parent company Manwin launched the  "Get Rubber!" campaign in 2010 with a mission to educate on the importance of practicing safe sex.  

The latest video, however, takes on a decidedly darker stance as to the subject matter compared to previous "Get Rubber!" videos.

Frank L. Brazzers, vice president of Brazzers production, noted that "audiences around the world must be made aware of the difference between fantasy and real life” and that the ongoing campaign continues to promote the cause in ways audiences can understand and remember.

"Our adult performers are tested regularly, and understand the importance of being responsible adult entertainers,” he said.

Deen agreed with Brazzers, saying “porn sex is a lot different than real sex."

"In porn sex, everybody is tested regularly and everything is very organized and safe, and in the real world, it’s not that safe. You can’t model your sexual life after what you see in porn.”

The PSA will be placed as a pre-roll on all Brazzers DVDs.