Eurocreme Exclusive Billy Rubens Debuts With JP Dubois

LOS ANGELES Performer Billy Rubens has made his debut with Eurocreme in the new movie “Tight Fix” with the first scene being released on Aug. 7.

Working alongside another Eurocreme exclusive, JP Dubois, Rubens is featured in this third installment from the "DreamBoy Hotel."

JP Dubois recently won Best Newcomer at the HotRods Porn Awards in London.

There is also an interview with Rubens where he talks about his personal life and career.

"Apart from private being with girls, it’s kinda the same, I focus on the sex and the other person, I forget the camera is there most times and switch my brain off to everything else going on. I prefer both, I can’t choose," Rubens said.

For the whole interview, click here.

Scenes are available at and for download at

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