Nature Lovin' Lubricants Teams With Adam & Eve Staff for New Store Opening

MEDFORD, N.J. — Nature Lovin' Lubricants teamed with Adam and Eve employees for a Canadian store grand opening in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

Rafael Palao, franchise operator of the new Winnipeg store, held its grand opening on July 27-29.

Lou Rivers, CEO of Nature Lovin' Lubricants, personally headed off to the Winnipeg location for this event to assist in training the new store's sales staff on the company's unique line of lubricants.

"The Winnipeg store truly has one of the best retail sales teams I have ever worked with," Rivers said. "The grand opening event was extremely well planned and a huge success. It is safe to say Winnipeg is now home to the Cosmic Bear."

The sales staff of Adam & Eve Winnipeg said they reached their target market all weekend long as almost 90 percent of the stock was sold.

Mike Colavito, Adam & Eve Winnipeg's sales manager said, "The lubricants flew off the shelves and we already put a new order in. The team's favorites were Raspberry Cheesecake, Woo Woo, Strawberry Margarita, and Cosmic Bear."

Shelley Taylor, the store manager,said, "Everyone on the team liked Lou. He was a great guy, and did a great job training the staff and working with customers. We have never had this before in Canada."

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