OCCash Upgrades Galleries to Optimize Twitter Traffic

John Sanford

LOS ANGELES — OC Cash owner Jason Quinlan on Thursday announced an upgrade to all three of his affiliate programs — OCCash, Pornstar Platinum and LordsofPorn — with the addition of “stealth galleries," which are designed to help users get the most out of their Twitter traffic.

Quinlan explained, "We have taken all of our galleries and optimized them, so there is no need for 'mobile galleries' versus 'regular galleries.' Our galleries are now set to auto-detect the user’s device and deliver the appropriate content with just one gallery."

He continued, "With Pornstar Platinum it became very obvious that we had to address this because we were getting retweeted by porn stars that have (in some cases) 50,000-plus followers. When we examined the traffic we saw our gallery traffic was around 70 percent mobile. Most people tweet from their phones, this shouldn’t be a surprise." 

Quinlan outlined a 10-step plan that will help users optimize their Twitter traffic.

1. Use our galleries or an optimized gallery like it.

2. Use our Twitter tools. They synch directly to your Twitter account through our API. You tweet with one click: making the most from your Twitter traffic

You can tweet to @PstarPlatinum (we retweet) or the porn star (her @pornstarname will automatically be inserted). If she decides to retweet you, expect some serious traffic.

3. Customize your tweets with hashtags (#). A good practice (for adult anyway) is to take advantage of the porn day-of-the-week related hashtags (ex. #tittytuesday, #wetwednesday, #thongthursday

4. Drop in a niche hashtag or two (#MILF, #Pornstars), but don’t get too carried away. Too many extraneous tags looks spammy and makes it so people can’t find your link.

5. If you are tweeting a page your are looking to SEO, use the goo.gl link shortener. 


6. Add media to your tweet. People are a lot more likely to look at a tweet with some nice tits than one without them.

7. Enter into conversations with your followers. Twitter users like interaction, not a string of announcements. 

8. Find people in your niche that will retweet your tweet based on a common interest. I’ll use @boobnews as an example here, but there are tons of these types of accounts. It just requires a bit of research.

9. Schedule your tweets. A longtime fellow webmaster (@GreenGuy) suggested we add a tweet scheduling system. I talked to our developer about adding it in our Twitter Tools. It would require our webmasters submit to us their usernames and passwords. Not an option. The best workaround I have found is to use TweetDeck.


TweetDeck is a free desktop application that lets you schedule tweets and manage multiple Twitter accounts (among other things).

Here’s how you can schedule a week’s worth of tweets in just a few minutes.

A. Use our Twitter Tools to generate some quickie tweets with the @pornstar or @site.
B. Pick out the days of the week and times you want your tweets to appear.
C. Find some media to grabs the user’s eye.
D. Add in your #hashtags, @retweeters, and any custom text you want to your tweet.
E. If you are promoting a paysite “deeplink” whenever possible. Remember to use goo.gl!
F. Copy this to your clipboard.
G. Paste it into the TweetDeck window.
H. Schedule your tweet. It’s best to vary that times of the day, but to remember the majority of people prime tweeting hours are around 5 p.m. to midnight. Mix up your tweet times to try to be visitable in as many different time zones as possible.
J. Repeat. You can have the majority your week’s Twitter work for the week done in less than an hour.

10. Start a paper.li (example plaper.li/PstarPlatinum). It’s an amalgamation of your social accounts, subjects, and hashtags of your choice that are published as a daily “paper." Once it’s set up, it will send out mentions on Twitter to anyone mentioned in your daily post. It is very low maintenance and helps accumulate readers/followers.