PHS International Debuts New Biothane Material

PHOENIX PHS International has unveiled a new material in the BDSM accessory sector: biothane, an odorless vegan rubber reinforced at its core to be more durable and easier to care for than leather products, the company said.

The new material is available in the company’s M2M, Heart2Heart and Fresh! collections of restraints, collars, c-rings and couples fantasy gear.

The company said Biothane is an ideal leather alternative for those looking for BDSM-style products that are quick to clean, easy to maintain, and won’t stretch, crack or fade. Unlike most other rubber items, biothane doesn’t get sticky and is completely free of the telltale odor that traditional rubber emits.

“When we were introduced to biothane we knew it’d be a PHS must-have,” PHS International CEO Chuck Harnish said. “Leather is a reliable material but requires maintenance, which many customers just don’t have time for. Biothane keeps clean with simple soap and water and will stay true to size and fit no matter how much wear and tear it goes through. It’s truly an innovation for the BDSM community and we’re excited to bring it to the adult retail industry.”

Biothane is now available in the M2M line of accessories for gay men and Heart to Heart (H2H) couples-friendly collection, both in Smoldering Black. A vivid color combination of bright purple and hot pink designed for the vegan-friendly Fresh! line will debut at the upcoming International Lingerie Show in Las Vegas.

All three biothane collections feature designs including: wrist and ankle cuffs, silicone ball gags, Velcro c-rings and both 3-snap and 5-snap c-rings.

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PHS International is a sex toy and intimate accessory manufacturer that offers retailers branded lines of product designed for distinct customer demographics: The M2M line of male-focused clamps, cuffs and accessories; the Gaysentials collection of pride apparel and accessories; the H2H couples-friendly set of beginner bondage and other playful sexcessories; and the Fresh! collection of bright and colorful mini vibes and entry-level fetish toys with made from vegan material.

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