Paddy O'Brian Debuts on

LOS ANGELES releases the first of a series of scenes featuring the British gay-for-pay performer Paddy O'Brian this week.

Site owner Butch said, "I first saw Paddy on UK Naked Men and knew he'd make a perfect Butch Dixon guy. Paddy has the masculinity and magnetism I look for in my performers, plus that extra something which makes him an outstanding model. I knew Paddy would quickly be signed as an exclusive model for a major US studio and I'm delighted to have him on Butch Dixon first."

The scene shows Paddy in a different role to what we have seen before; dressed in leather harness, cap, and latex shorts, there's a power struggle between him and his scene partner Dominic Pacifico which adds an extra dimension.

"I knew Dominic Pacifico was the perfect scene partner for Paddy on every level; physically, they look fantastic together," Butch said. "Dominic's stature, experience and easy charm helped put Paddy at ease and they were soon getting along like a house on fire, with Paddy even complimenting Dominic on being a great kisser!'

On the gay-for-pay issue, Butch continued, 'Everyone knows I love to feature masculine gay men having great sex on my site and a big part of that is the chemistry which comes across on screen, so I was a little worried about working with a straight performer, but talking with Paddy, I knew he'd worked through any issues he might have had and wants to give his best performance every time. I couldn't have been more satisfied with the way this scene turned out and that's why we'll be seeing more of Paddy O'Brian on soon."

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