CockyBoys Profiled in New York Magazine

Bob Johnson

NEW YORK — Gay production company CockyBoys is the subject of a profile in New York magazine.

The company, that moved from Los Angeles to New York a few years back, is the feature “He & He & He” story in the magazine's “Sex Issue."

Although the piece spotlights CockyBoy’s success, it's more about the gay relationships that make up the brain trust’s four year-old “throuple” arrangement that includes chief Benny Morecock along with partners Jason and CEO Adrian.

New York does however credit Morecock (Benjamine Heath) with being the studio’s driving force, creative director and the reason for much of the company’s fame and hubris, despite its typical approach to producing gay content.

Morecock’s “Johnny Depp quality,” the article said, belies his avid consumption of porn and his chosen adult profession that has helped vault the website to nearly 5,000 paid members despite it's typical “vanilla” content.

“I don’t know anyone who doesn’t like CockyBoys,” Erik Schut, managing director of retailer TLA Video told New York. “They’re just fun. It’s not the same old blah-blah-blah. They’re not formulaic.”

The article also talks about CockyBoys’ hip presence in New York, hosting “non-porny’ parties that includes New York’s glitterati of designers, musicians and editors.

“At another event, in an immaculate Tribeca party space, the socialite Marjorie Gubelmann guest-D.J.’d. The industry’s abiding paradox — sex is glamorous, and porn is sex, but porn is not glamorous — seems not to apply to CockyBoys. As Paper’s Drew Elliott puts it, “they can do things that a normal porn company can’t do,” the article said.

If the Long Island City-based company has a content niche, Morecock said it’s “college studs with an edge” that has Morecock working 14-16 hour days to develop. “I’m not a stressful workaholic, I just like getting stuff done,” Morecock said.

What's unqiue about CockyBoys is how it evolved from the core of the trio's relationship. It  concurrently grew with the “throuple’s” maturation, according to the story, as the partners learned how to program, design and develop websites.

“He [Morecock] took over one of our sites, which was a DVD retail site,” Jason recalled, “and then, from the ground up, he turned that business around in a matter of months. Everything he couldn’t do, he taught himself. There was nothing that he wouldn’t learn.”