New Sony Tech Gear Could Work for Virtual Sex

Bob Johnson

SAINT JOHNS, Antigua — Having realistic remote virtual sex with cam girls and long-distance relationships could be closer than you think thanks to Sony’s new 3-D high definition head mount.

At least that’s what believes is on the horizon.

Pushing past current teledildonics, the article said that by using the new HMZ-T1-3D-Head-Mounted-Display head gear — “the possibilities for creating truly immersive out-of-body sexual experiences broaden again."

Dubbed "Autoerotic Intercourse" systems, the technology would allow sex workers and users to hook-up via Sony’s head mounted display, tiny video cameras and wireless home (or remote location) networking.

“The door is wide open for mass production and a complete revolution for adult entertainment viewers, sex workers and long-distance couples world wide,” the article maintained.

A simple diagram accompanies that story showing how the hardware devices can be connected to home computers so that sex workers can make recordings, either solo or with a lover, and allow users “to step in to their shoes for a moment.”

The commercial applications ccould be far reaching by providing recorded sex that can be accessed by users at any time or showing teasers for cam websites.

According to the article, the original “wetware design” plans for "Telepresence Bi-Autoerotic Intercourse" technology was first introduced on the Hack Canada website nearly a decade ago, but has since lacked the feasible hardware.

But the new Sony headgear — partnered with advanced teledildonics —  just may be the answer to building the ultimate machine that will make virtual out-of-body sex available to everyday users.