The Rhino Reaches 1 Million YouTube Views

ST. LOUIS, Mo. The demonstration video of the Rhino, a high-tech, high touch penis extension made by TRAZ, reached 1 million YouTube views, the company reported.

The video demonstrates how the Rhino provides individuals and couples with sexual satisfaction.

“We know we have a great product that people love … it’s the only penis extension that allows the wearer to actually feel sexual sensations,"  said Dennis Gibson, TRAZ co-founder and product team development head. "Now it appears they love our video, too. And, we love our customers … they aren’t bashful about describing all the uses they’ve found for the Rhino and why it’s the best quality sex toy they’ve ever purchased.”

The Rhino is available through Amazon, and the TRAZ web store

Made with 100 percent platinum silicone, the Rhino is designed for those who want a penis extension that’s more than just a hard plastic tip, or contraption-type device.

The company said that a special sizing core allows the user to custom fit the Rhino to his particular length. It can be cut easily and then inserted into The Rhino. The Rhino simply slides over the penis. Inside there are strategically placed Pleasure Rings that create an Exaggerated Stroke whereby the user feels enhanced sensations.