Adult Performers Start Charity Fund for Colorado Shooting Victims

LOS ANGELES Adult performer and host of the Porn Star Radio program Alesia Pleasure has started a charity fund to help the victims and their families of the Colorado shooting.

Pleasure and five other hosts Sinful Skye, Christina Skye, Whitney Morgan, Sydney Screams, and Ava Vincent will take turns posting short 10 to 15 minute adult videos on and their fans can donate $2 to a PayPal account set up for this charity via Pleasurs’s fan club.

The fans will receive the URL via email to the embedded videos for which they can watch unlimited times in exchange for their $2 donation.

All proceeds will be given to the victims and their families.

“I was horrified," Pleasure said. "I just had to help in one way or another. My goal for the first round of donations is to raise $100,000. Aside from myself and my co- hosts I would love to see all my associates in the adult film industry step up and help us reach out goal and help these innocent victims.”

Donors can send their donation through PayPal via

Make sure to include an email to be able to receive a video URL.

For more information, email