Ex-Gay Performer Hytch Cawke Quietly Exits Teaching Job

Nelson Ayala

MALDEN, Mass. — High school English teacher Kevin Hogan, exposed as gay performer Hytch Cawke in November by FOX Undercover News, is no longer an employee of the Mystic Valley Regional Charter School.

Hogan’s contract, which expired at the end of June, was not renewed by Mystic Valley, but instead allowed to run its course, paying out  Hogan who had not been fired but put on leave  the $58,000 owed to him for the year.

The move is said to have been done in an effort to avoid any further media scandal. The school, considered one of the best in the country by Newsweek and U.S. News and World Report, made national headlines when Hogan’s gay pornographic past was revealed late last year.

Hogan, who was also chairman of the school's English department and a crew coach, was discovered in 2010 to have performed in three gay videos: Magnus Studio's “Fetish World,” Top Dog Production's “Just Gone Gay 8” and Epic Distribution's “Ass Fucked by a DILF 2.”

"It's certainly easier to let the contract run its course so you don't have to be in a situation where he has a lawyer, the school has a lawyer, you're fighting back and forth,” PR expert Nancy Sterling told MyFoxBoston.com. "I think they're hoping to keep the matter as quiet as possible and hope that it has faded from the public's mind.”