Stoya to Perform Aerial Acrobatics at XO Ball & Expo

SAN FRANCISCO Mega Productions announces the addition of aerial acrobatics artist Stoya to the XO Ball & Expo’s entertainment lineup.

Coming to San Francisco Sept. 21 and 22, XO Ball & Expo is a lifestyle event targeting all sexually curious adults. 

Stoya's aerial acrobatic act combines the grace and physical demands of gymnastics with the showmanship of circus aerialists. Supported by a silver ring suspended above the stage, Stoya performs a mid-air ballet, gracefully transitioning from pose to pose to the accompaniment of music.

“I'm looking forward to performing my acrobatics at the XO Ball & Expo,” Stoya said. “People who only know me from my on-camera video performances will get to see an entirely different side of me and not just because I’ll have some of my clothes on.”

Stoya will perform on a lyra as part of the expo’s live stage shows, in addition to signing autographs daily. She will also be a VIP guest of Saturday’s XO Ball.

To download a promotional photo of Stoya, click here.

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