Kheper Games Reports Successful ANME

Ariana Rodriguez

SEATTLE — Kheper Games says the recent ANME Show in Burbank, Calif., was its most successful trade show to date.

Kheper Games launched many new products at the ANME Show, including A Year of Creative Games for Couples, Love or Lust, Rose Petal Seduction, Naughty or Nice, O Christmas Keg, Holiday Helper, Go F*ck!, SEXplosion Bath Bombs, and Ladies Night, the game.

 The company also revealed a complete re-launch of its bath salt line, as well as packaging redesigns for several of its top-sellers.

“I was absolutely amazed when I analyzed our success after the show and realized that we have more than tripled sales with our most successful tradeshow to date,” Kheper Games CEO Brian Pellham said. “Customers really responded well to our new ideas and branding strategies.”
Kheper Games says it prides itself on having the best of best talent on its design team as well as in managing its inventory.

“I expect us to be held to the highest level of expectations from our customers that we keep our products well stocked,” Pellham said.