Doc Johnson Wins StorErotica Award for Best Marketing Campaign of the Year

BURBANK, Calif. — At the culminating event of the 2012 ANME summer show, the annual StorErotica Awards, adult novelty founder Doc Johnson was announced as the winner of the Marketing Campaign of the Year Award for its School of Doc program.

Doc Johnson’s winning School of Doc program is an ongoing campaign that supplies free educational pamphlets, signage, and miniature product samples that inform both staff and consumers about materials, categories, lubricants, vibrators, and even frequently asked questions.

“We are truly grateful for this special recognition, and would like to thank StorErotica , all of our loyal customers, and our enthusiastic fans who collectively nominated us for this award,” Doc Johnson COO Chad Braverman said. “Our collective team works very hard to ensure a high standard of innovation and meaningful content in our marketing campaigns, and I speak for all of us when I say that we are honored to receive the award for Best Marketing Campaign of the Year.”

Kerin De Francis, Doc Johnson director of sales, says, “Our entire team is thrilled that such an important system of educational materials has been recognized and embraced so thoroughly. The feedback from our customers and fans has been incredibly positive; and with nothing else like School of Doc available to distributors and stores, we know we’re filling a vital area of need for the industry. Everyone in the business of buying or selling sex toys should know more about the products and materials. When everyone is educated about the products, it makes for more resourceful vendors and more satisfied customers.”

The School of Doc campaign features informational materials with a playful tone and compelling look. The Doc Johnson sales team travel with the brochures, which are available for free and can be ordered in quantity; the School of Doc collateral is also available digitally.

The 2012 Storerotica Awards Show was held on July 15 at the Burbank Marriott in Burbank.

For further information, marketing materials such as the School of Doc pamphlets and samples, WonderLand posters, various signage, and postcards, and instructions on how to order, contact Doc Johnson’s sales department at: