Sabrina Deep Donates 1 Cent to Charity for Every Twitter Follower

LOS ANGELES  Sabrina Deep is going to donate one cent to charity on behalf of each of her Twitter followers every month.

"I'm so lucky to be able to give a bit to those in need," Deep said. "And doing it on behalf of my most loyal fans is the least I can do to show them my appreciation for their continued love and support. I spend many hours a day with my fans on Twitter and now it feels even better to work to enlarge my fan base for a good cause. I invite all my current followers to share the #twitterpennies project in order to increase the monthly amount of money that i will be donating."

Every 20th of the month a donation will be made and proof will be shown on the #twitterpennies page here.

It will be also given to the press. Starting with more than 14k cents, she will make the first donation on Aug. 20 for the amount reached by that date to the St. Jude Children's Research Hospital of Los Angeles, a charity which assists kids with cancer and their families who couldn't normally afford medication and aid.

Charity organizations interested in receiving future donations are welcome to contact Sabrina at, while Twitter users who would like to help raising more funds are invited to follow Sabrina on Twitter @SabrinaDeep and to share the initiative on their tweets using the #twitterpennies hashtag.

Deep has won the TLA Raw Awards in 2011 for her movie "Fan Bang" and she has been nominated for a Web Babe of the year award in 2011 and 2012 by XBIZ. Currently she is featured in the pluri award winning series "Women Seeking Women Vol. 84" by Girlfriends Films.