Alphamale Media Goes Plural With

LONDON — Alphamale Media has added an "s" to its flagship website, Alphamale.

The site will now be known as

Alphamale Media, celebrating its eighth anniversary later this year, changed the site's name to reflect its new pitch, the company says.

" is committed to be the one place to come when you want to see your favorite muscled, hairy beefcake stars," a company rep said. "It’s stronger, and more reflective of the energy and virility of this studio.

“At a time where the porn industry, especially in the U.K. is struggling against many barriers, Alphamale Media has continued to strengthen on the back of quality productions, star creation and real passionate sex on screen, as well as a crew that is really in this to get it right," the rep said. "That’s why we’re changing names to Alphamales."

Alphamale Media offers DVDs and VOD content, including scenes from Butch Grand, Bruno Knight and Ross Hurston. It recently received the Best Studio award at the HotRods Awards in London.