Classic Erotica Debuts New Collection

Ariana Rodriguez

CHATSWORTH, Calif. — Classic Erotica debuted its new collection, Heart’s Desire, at last week’s summer edition of the ANME Founders Show.

Classic Erotica also unveiled new products for the Crazy Girl and Max 4 Men lines.

According to the company, Heart’s Desire offers a fresh new twist on romantic couples products and was a huge hit with show goers, receiving several compliments on the line’s boutique style packaging and seductive fragrances.

According to Loren Levy, VP Classic Erotica, “Last year was an incredible year for Classic Erotica and we’re so thrilled with the success of all of our product lines. Riding on that success, we wanted to roll out several new, exciting products for our customers,” Classic Erotica Vice President Loren Levy said. “As always, we value the feedback of our customers and strive to give them the best products to drive business. Based on the overwhelming reception Heart’s Desire received at ANME, I think we’re in for another successful year!”

The new Heart’s Desire collection includes the Warming Body Massager, which is heart-shaped, as well as Sugar N Spice Romance Dice — a fun and sensual dice game for lovers that comes with three dice. One die determines a sweet spot on the body to stimulate, the second die reveals a sexy task to perform, and the third die reveals the location to indulge in a sweet and spicy encounter, the company said.

Gel Together Massage Gel with Pheromones is available in three fragrances and features a gel-to-liquid formula made with ingredients to soothe, hydrate and moisturize. It also is infused with pheromones.

Play Together Lickable Foreplay Massage Game is a lickable massage oil and dice game all in one. The game includes cotton-candy flavored massage oil along with mini dice.