BMS Releases New Leaf Video

Ariana Rodriguez

TORONTO — On the heels of BMS returning home to Toronto from ANME, Leaf has released a new product video for its collection of environmentally friendly vibes.

The video, which was presented at the ANME Show in Burbank, Calif., features BMS Factory business development manager Sarah Mills showcasing all six Leaf models and offering a short breakdown of each product and its suggested uses.

BMS’ new video is about seven minutes long and is designed to be a selling aid both online and in-store. Also mentioned is an explanation on the benefits of BMS Factory’s unique silicone finish which seamlessly seals its products in a hygienic and body-safe process.

All of the designs in the Leaf collection feature a latex-free, hypoallergenic, phthalate free seamless silicone body that makes them completely waterproof and easy to clean up.

Each of the six Leaf models is environmentally friendly and features a rechargeable lithium-polymer battery, efficient PowerBullet motor, and a waterproof silicone exterior. To further excite the environmentally conscious consumer, all Leaf products come in recycled paper packaging.

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