Amber Peach Takes On Obamacare for Huffington Post

John Sanford

LOS ANGELES — Amber Peach wrote about the prospect of Obamacare from an adult performer's perspective in a new column on the

Peach reasons that the average adult performer more than likely does not have health insurance and wonders how the president's new healthcare plan would affect porn stars.

"Well, considering that most porn actors are considered independent contractors, none of them would be eligible for healthcare through their employer," Peach writes. "So that would mean that they would be responsible for finding their own health insurance. But in theory, insurance companies would no longer be able to completely deny adult industry workers insurance.

"But would they still have to pay a premium for 'high-risk' insurance -- insurance that runs about $500 per month? This would mean that men and women would have to pay roughly 20 percent of their monthly income on health insurance."

To read Peach's entire column titled "Will Porn Stars Get the Shaft From Obamacare," click here.