PopPorn.com Reaches Milestones

LOS ANGELES — PopPorn.com reached two milestones on Friday, July 13. The alternative blog site reached 18,000 followers on their Twitter account (@PopPornBlog) and it posted its 2000th article.

Founded in 2008, PopPorn.com set out to provide an alternative, humorous perspective on the adult industry built upon the foundation of contributors Brian Bangs and Meat Ball, coupled with the on-camera cult of personality, Spock Buckton. 

By 2009, the PopPorn creators began producing and directing movies for Zero Tolerance Entertainment, including the award-nominated effort "PopPorn: The Guide to Making Fuck." Since then, the creative team behind the blog has gone on to work with multiple studios, directors and distributors.

Brian Bangs remarked, “When we started we had no preconceived notions of where this effort might take us. We simply recognized that the adult industry (filled with some very colorful characters and based on people sticking things into other people) didn’t have a humor based outlet. It lacked a place where these silly ideas and concepts could really be fleshed out.

"We’re thrilled that anyone has ever read anything we’ve had to say or watched anything we’ve made. Honestly, we’re pretty stupid but I guess people dig stupid. We look forward to being stupid for at least a couple more years.”

PopPorn.com, updated every weekday, features interviews and articles about adult performers, product reviews, webisodes and news articles about the adult industry.

For more information, contact Bangs at bbangs@popporn.com