JOPEN to Unveil Ego Collection for Men

Ariana Rodriguez

CHINO, Calif. — JOPEN will introduce the Ego Collection, consisting of four products designed for men, at the ANME Show this weekend.

Additionally, JOPEN will present three new rotating pleasure products as its latest additions to the Vanity line.

“Developing a collection for the gentlemen is a natural progression as JOPEN grows. Ego by JOPEN is sleek and elegant like Vanity, and it’s also powered by the amazing PowerBullet,” says Susan Colvin, President and CEO of JOPEN.

The new additions to Vanity, Vr15, Vr16 and Vr17, are similar in design to the Vr7. They feature dual motors and a rotation shaft that can be adjusted with a simple twist.

“The new Vanity items are a direct result of consumer demand for the Vr7 style,” said Jackie White, vice president of sales for JOPEN. “We created three different varieties to suit different preferences, and with the addition of the new Ego Collection, JOPEN really does have something for everyone!”

A music video, featuring the song Feisty by recording artist Shoshana Bean, stars the latest Vanity items. The Vanity Music Video will be playing in the JOPEN booth-in-booth, which is inside California Exotic Novelties’ location — JOPEN’S sister company.

“The Vanity Music Video captures the fun-loving, sexy spirit of the Vanity brand,” says Al Bloom, director of marketing for JOPEN. “We will make it available for download and sharing on the JOPEN website. Pretty soon everyone will be singing the song Feisty!”

JOPEN will also unveil the recently enhanced Where to Buy section at the ANME Show. The website feature allows consumers to search for local retail locations. Retailers are invited to register their locations so they can be found by potential customers.

Robin Stewart, brand manager for JOPEN, says, “We don’t sell direct on the JOPEN website, however we have a lot of visiting consumers who are interested in purchasing products. The Where to Buy Section helps them find an authorized JOPEN retailer, and in turn helps retailers make sales.”

Other highlights to expect from JOPEN at the ANME Show include the introduction of multiple languages on new packaging, and the ability to view the website in different languages.

“JOPEN is an international brand. By offering different languages on the packaging and the website we increase our reach, engage more consumers, and satisfy our customer’s requests for multi-languages,” explains Colvin.