Wet Introduces wOw Arousal Gel

Ariana Rodriguez

VALENCIA, Calif. — Trigg Laboratories has announced the release of Wet wOw, a clitoral arousal gel that joins the brand’s range of lubes and intimacy products.

Wet wOw Clitoral Arousal Gel features two vasodilators which open blood vessels, helping blood to the surface of the skin to enhance sensitivity. A hint of peppermint adds to the experience by creating a tingling sensation.

Women can choose their level of intensity with regular or maximum strength varieties. According to the company, Wet wOw Gentle O will provide just the right kick, and Wet wOw Max O will take things up a notch with the same ingredients coupled with a more intense level of stimulation and longer lasting maximum-strength formula. Both are available in a thick water-based gel.

“Wet wOw, paired with intimate touching, may result in screaming ‘OMG WOW’ so loudly you’ll wake the neighbors,” said Jennifer Martsolf, vice president of marketing at Trigg Laboratories. “For accuracy, we may eventually need to change the name of the product to ‘OMFG wOw!’”

Wet wOw begins shipping to adult specialty distributors and retailers Aug. 1. It will online and in stores by Aug. 14.

Wet wOw will be packaged in .5 fluid ounce tubes which yield approximately 75 applications. Each box will also include a free sample of Wet Synergy, Wet’s water-based+silicone hybrid personal lubricant. All Wet wOw personal lubricants are paraben- and hormone-free.

Look for Wet wOw when it makes its debut at the upcoming ANME Show at the Burbank Marriot on July 14-16.