Gen Padova Makes Her Debut as Whack Magazine Columnist

VENICE, Calif.  Gen Padova makes her debut as a Whack! Magazine columnist.

For her first column, she confronts the stereotypes she’s encountered as a porn performer and attempts to answer the question "Are porn stars really easy?"

“It’s hard to view the world as only black and white when there are various shades of grey (more than 50 mind you),” she said. "Some might find it surprising that porn stars are like real people in that they display infinite variances and their sexual availability is no exception. It doesn’t seem fitting or fair to say that women in the business are ‘easy’ because we get filmed having various forms of sex for the world to see. Getting paid for the work we do isn’t any justification as well. Typically our actions in life are acted upon by some sort of motive behind it. Each woman has her own reason(s) behind her motivation to do pornography. Money in most cases is the motivation and not the sheer concept of needing to get laid."

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