Winterbottom's 'King of Soho' Made to Change Title

Nelson Ayala

LONDON — Acclaimed director Michael Winterbottom's "King of Soho," a biopic about Paul Raymond (pictured), the late adult entertainment maverick turned real estate mogul, is set to undergo a title change. 

The recently wrapped film, toplined by "Hamlet 2's" Steve Coogan, is one of two biopics based on the Club International publisher's life. The other — also titled "King of Soho" — is produced by Paul Raymond's son, Howard, and is currently in pre-production, having recently announced "Avengers" actor Tom Hiddleston as its star.

Winterbottom, who met with Howard three years ago about possibly producing a project based on Paul Raymond's life (nothing materialized), was surprised to discover that Howard had trademarked the "King of Soho" title earlier this year. Rather than face a prolonged legal tussle, Winterbottom and Revolution Films agreed to a title change.

"I am delighted that Michael Winterbottom has agreed to change the name of his film as it was causing a huge amount of confusion in the media that two films were being made about my father under the same title," Howard Raymond told the British press.

"It is unfortunate that it proved necessary to have to resort to legal proceedings to bring this issue to a conclusion but I am pleased that they have had a change of heart and backed down. I have never wanted or sought to prevent this rival production from making a film about my late father's life."

Paul Raymond is the founder of numerous adult publications, including Club International and Mayfair. He introduced the first fully nude strip club, The Raymond Revuebar, to London in the 1960s, and was dubbed the "King of Soho" after investing his fortune in real estate, purchasing numerous properties in London's Soho neighborhood.