Video Wonderland's Release 'Hold On! Meet the Sexxxtons' Held Over for 1 Week

CHATSWORTH, Calif. — The inaugural DVD release from Video Wonderland Productions, “Hold On! Meet the Sexxxtons” will be held over for an additional week before hitting the streets.

The release is being distributed by Robert Hill Releasing.

"I'm amazed and thrilled that initial projections were a bit premature," said Doug Charles, producer of “Meet the Sexxxtons” and owner of Video Wonderland Productions.

"Total numbers of pre-sold copies of this amazing duo in action were much higher than we initially planned for."

The amateur release stars Jessica Sexxxton and Monica Sexxxton in their ?rst DVD together and features interviews and a special bonus scene.

Lynton, president of Robert Hill Releasing said, "This title is flying off the shelves. It's exciting to see the overwhelming interest in 'Meet the Sexxxtons.'"

The company said preliminary projections for released copies to hit the streets were dwarfed by actual demand before the holiday.

"We figured the best thing to do, so that DVD store owners everywhere would have a chance to place their orders with us, was to delay the release date by a week," Charles said. "Interview and promotional opportunities for Jessica and Monica are already flooding in as well. It's not every day you get to have an actual mother and daughter performing in the same scenes and provide hilarious banter for interviews as only a mother and daughter could."

While Jessica and Monica do not play with each other directly, they are all about sharing each other's partners, the company said.

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