CockyBoys Debuts 'Project GoGoBoy' Reality Series

Bob Johnson

NEW YORK — CockyBoys Studios announced the debut of the first episode of its "Project GoGoBoy" reality series today.

The premiere show is available at and lays out the foundation of the series by featuring the pairing of Pierre Fitch and Max Ryder in hardcore action.

Helmed by CockyBoys owner Jake Jaxson, the series was shot against the back drop of the go go clubs of New York City and Montreal. The studio said the film chronicles  the lives of several aspiring GoGoBoys as they fight their way to the top box.

In addition to Fitch and Ryder, the cast includes CockyBoy exclusives Jake Bass, Pierre, Gabriel Clark, Tommy Defendi and Seth Knight, as well as newcomer Stephen Forest, along with fan favorite Sebastian Young.

“I truly couldn’t be happier with the way this has turned out. The entire cast and team brought their ‘A’ game to the project and it definitely shows. It is genuinely engaging while still being seriously hot at the same time,” Jaxson said.

He added, “It’s funny because people who have seen the trailer keep asking me if it’s real or scripted and the answer is…it’s both. If you replace ‘gogoboy’ with porn star then you get closer to reality. Are the boy’s characters a reflection of their real life personalities? Absolutely.”

The project runs the whole month of July. In addition to a new episode every week, there will be CockyBoy Private Dances featuring a live stage dance and backstage private room solo action for CockyBoys website members only.