Goldstores Offers July Discount on Fifty Shades Bound

WILMINGTON, Del.  Goldstores Online has designated July as Fifty Shades Bound month, with 10 percent off its most popular bondage restraints, lingerie and BDSM accessories.

The company said that thanks to the popular Fifty Shades trilogy, interest in this formerly-taboo area of sexual expression is on the rise, and now, more than ever before, sexy bondage is among everyone’s favorite sexual fantasies, both men and women.

“We’re grateful to the Fifty Shades books, which have helped bring sexy bondage play into the bedrooms of adventurous couples everywhere," Goldstores founder Steve Goldberg said. "We’re committed to making bondage, erotic restraint and light BDSM play an exciting part of everyone’s sexual repertoire.”

This month’s featured bondage & BDSM items are on sale at Goldstores’ website, here.

Goldstores also carries a line of bondage accessories such as satin and leather restraints,  whips and gags.