Sunny Rodgers Joins NS Novelties as an Account Executive

CHATSWORTH, Calif. - Sunny Rodgers has joined NS Novelties as an account executive.

Rodgers has more than 10 years of experience in the industry (Hustler, Topco Sales,, and longstanding relationships with various distributors.

Managing director of NS Novelties, Lavi Yedid, reached out to Rodgers about the position a few months ago.

"We wanted to find someone who was exactly right for the position," Yedid said. "That person was Sunny Rodgers. We are an emerging company who is building its reputation around creating new and different products. With her experience in product development and sales she can really embrace our company's objectives and in turn communicate them to retailers and distributors."

Rodgers was equally enthusiastic about accepting the offer.

"The first time I saw the new NS Novelties' collection, I realized there was no way I could turn down the opportunity. I was in awe of the products," she says. "From the detailed packaging with actual product sizes and windows to the product lines available (Renegade, Crystal, etc.), NS Novelties has created a cohesive line that pays attention to what consumers and retailers are looking for and need. There is nothing more rewarding than working for a company you believe in."

Over the next few months, Rodgers will be making her rounds to distributors, retailers, and home party companies, introducing the new line of NS Novelties’ products to interested companies.

She can be reached at (818) 773-4999 or