PVLocker.com Marketing Bundle Discount System

Rhett Pardon

VAN NUYS, Calif. — Pink Visual has decided to bundle content for its cloud-based video site, PVLocker.com.

"PVLocker’s ala carte, buy-just-the-scenes-you-like format is perfect for the cost-conscious adult connoisseur, and bundling scenes together for bulk purchases lowers costs even further,” said Liam Colins, director of business development for Pink Visual.

Colins calls PVLocker’s structure “porn packaging for the post-DVD world,” explaining that the bundling system accounts for any episodes within the bundle that has already been purchased by the customer; for example, if a given bundle has 10 episodes in it, and the customer already happens to own two of those episodes, then the price to that customer is 20 percent lower than the cost of purchasing the full bundle of 10 scenes.

“It’s a great feature for fans of particular studios, individual performers or specific niche categories. One of our current featured bundled offerings is the ‘Best of Alexis Texas,’ through which a fan can get all of Alexis’ scenes currently offered on PVLocker for half the cost of purchasing those scenes separately.

“If you want just the best scenes from a three DVD series from Acid Rain or Smash Pictures we can put those together for you so they’re affordable, portable and privately stashed in your cloud locker.”