RH Laboratories Completes 2nd Forgiven Clinical Trial

ATLANTA — A second clinical trial designed to assess the efficacy of Forgiven, an alcohol metabolizer, was completed May 18, according to the product’s master distributor, RH Laboratories.

The trial was conducted by Phase I — Anaheim Clinical Trials (ACT) group, and tested whether taking Forgiven significantly improves alcohol metabolism so that it is eliminated from the body faster than the expected normal rate.

In the trial, approximately 50 men and women consumed shots of vodka until their Breath Alcohol Rate reached .10g/100 ml. Researchers then tested their Breath Alcohol Rate at regular intervals to monitor how quickly their bodies were metabolizing the alcohol. On average, male subjects who took Forgiven metabolized 32 percent more alcohol and females who took Forgiven metabolized 62 percent more. The overall observed rate was 44 percent higher with Forgiven than without.

According to the official report, “participants reported fewer symptoms of hangover after the dosing trial” which “suggests that eliminating alcohol at a higher rate may help to prevent the negative effects associated with drinking alcohol.”

According to the company, the findings are consistent with the first clinical trial, which was conducted last year.