Crakmedia Hires Famed Artist to Lead Creative Team

QUEBEC has hired Peakafelle (Sébastien Hamel) to head up its creative team.

Peakfalle, a well known Canadian DJ and music producer, will be in charge of creating promotional videos for all Crakmedia products. He will be involved in the creation of promo clips and ad campaigns, as well as creating original music for many other projects.

Having created the provocative song “She’s a Bitch” in 2001, which has toured the world, his style evolved to include more electro-sounds and house-music with a predominantly rock sound.

"We are very proud to welcome Peakafelle amongst us," Crakmedia's Axel Vezina said. "He's an old friend of the company and we welcome his creative talents to better the products every department is working on. He's someone that quickly understood the importance of networking and has a knack for creating viral content that will quickly draw the public's attention to whatever product we are promoting. We have a lot of projects lined up for Peakafelle and look forward to announcing our new product launches to all our affiliates."

Peakafelle has worked with Daniel Desnoyers on “Time to Move” and “4 Ladies”, and on remixes for international artists such as: P-1, Jimmy Lidell, Mosquito-B, and Robert Vadney.

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