The Paris Review Questions 'Game of Thrones' Rough Sex

Bob Johnson

PARIS — Mainstream’s love affair with porn continues with literary magazine The Paris Review now analyzing the sex positions of fictional HBO TV series “Game of Thrones.”

A television review asks why the show — that features plenty of nudity and has used porn talent in a number of episodes — features predominantly doggy style and blowjob scenes?

The article’s writer, Carmen Maria Machado, who herself writes erotica under the pen name Olivia Glass, is miffed at all of the less-than-intimate sex.

“So what’s happening in ‘Game of Thrones?’ What does it mean that the primary sexual positions in a highly sexualized show are those of domination? And, more specifically, what’s up with doggy style?” she wrote.

Machado’s problem is that there’s not enough sex with couples gazing into each other’s eyes and feels the sexual positions in the Emmy-winning saga are all about domination.

Particularly bothersome to the author are the doggy style sex scenes that she said are part of the show’s “larger sexual coding.”

“The reasons for this coding system (whether it’s intentional or not) seem obvious — doggy-style sex is, visually, all about power — one figure (male) ‘taking’ another (female). Several excellent articles have talked about how ‘Game of Thrones’ manages all sex as an expression of power on behalf of the female characters, but the immediate visual cue is one of no intimacy, love, or pleasure for the receiving partner,” Marchado wrote.

Although Marchado points out some scenes that do have lovers facing each other, she continued to push the show’s sexual domination.

She wrote, “And when Daenerys encourages Drogo to have sex facing each other (‘Tonight I would look upon your face’), not only does the tenor change — from rape to pleasurable, even romantic sex — but a child is conceived from that union. The code is clear: doggy-style is rape-y, domineering, sexist. But the purity of face-to-face sex is so great that it can turn a brutish rapist into a loving husband. Babies are born from gazing into each other’s eyes.”

The author noted that the show’s gratuitous nudity and graphic fucking are sometimes necessary to the plot but said, “I’ve noticed something else, something more specific: from rape within an arranged marriage to sibling fucking, it seems like the sexual beings of the Seven Kingdoms of Westeros speak two primary languages, fellatio and doggy style.”