Red Apple Media Launches Webmaster Support Services

John Sanford

SAN DIEGO — Red Apple Media announced plans to begin offering a new level of webmaster membership support services.

The company says that one of the most time-consuming activities for a webmaster is to promptly answer support questions from their members. Routine questions such as password reminders and resets, site map questions, renewal information and pre-sales questions can take hours every day to answer. That is a few hours less that site owners and webmasters have to edit, post, and market their websites, let alone take any time off to relax and recharge, the company reasons.

While many websites try outsourcing support to companies outside the U.S., this often leads to frustration on both the webmasters and customers end. Working with a company that really does not understand how websites function, and all of the components such as streaming media, billing, and software such as proxypass is a large risk that can be avoided by working with a company that has the experience to support membership-based sites.

Red Apple Media said it started to offer webmaster membership support as a way "to help our clients build their business while  insuring the quality of support their members receive is accurate, professional, and fast."

"By leveraging our in-house support team based in San Diego and Phoenix we now offer those support services to handle day to day questions from your members," the company says. 

Red Apple's support team is based in the U.S. and has at least 10 years of computer skills, streaming and download, billing system, and customer support experience.

"We do not outsource and we do not hire anyone that hasn't worked with membership sites in the past," the company says. " We not only offer superior customer service but build long lasting relationships with our valued clients that entrust us with their business."

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