Dating Factory Announces '100 Percent' Summer Promotion

Bob Johnson

ATLANTA — Dating Factory announced a summer promotion today that allows its new and existing partners to retain 100 percent of net sales revenue that exceed the previous period’s total through the end of August.

“Dating Factory is simply the best solution for businesses and individuals who want to make money with their own dating site, and this promo is our way of showing partners that we’re committed to their success,” Moreno “MO” Aguiari, U.S. chief of operations said.

Partners can earn profits from new sales and member re-bills, and from ads that display on their websites. All partners use their own domain names, meaning they send traffic to an address that they control and promote a brand name that they own.

 “Dating Factory isn’t an affiliate program,” Aguiari explained. “We don’t ask our partners to promote our own websites. What we do is give them the software, tools and materials they need to create their own dating sites."

He added, "It makes a lot more sense to promote your own site, your own brand, as opposed to sending traffic to someone else’s domain name.”

To take advantage of the promotion, partners need to send traffic to their own private label dating sites and generate more new sales than their previous payout period.

Companies and individuals who do not yet have their own dating site can sign up for a free.

For questions or assistance with getting started contact or call (877) 754-4011.