Fleshlight Files Suit Against Canadian Distributors, Retailer

Rhett Pardon

AUSTIN, Texas — Interactive Life Forms LLC today filed lawsuits against distributors SD Variations and XYZ Distribution and retailer TC Bizz.com, which operates Stag Shop stores and Boutique Seduction, for allegedly infringing copyrights and trademarks related to the Fleshlight line of devices.

"We fully intend to defend our intellectual property worldwide," said Brian Shubin, Interactive Life Forms' chief operating officer. "Everyone here at Fleshlight has worked very hard to create a quality brand and we won't let knock-offs or counterfeits negatively impact what we've worked to build."

The suit was filed by Matthew Esber, ILF’s general counsel, at Canadian Federal Court, Trail Division.

 Esber said that the operators named in the suit "knowingly sell counterfeits are defrauding customers and effectively stealing from companies like ILF."

“In the end those losses impact our product development, operational areas and ultimately they impact our customers, most of which are trying to purchase legitimate products," he said. "We’ve taken this action because we strongly believe in defending the intellectual property rights that we’ve worked so hard to create.

"We think competition is healthy, but competitors should create their own original intellectual property, not steal ours.”