Kelsey Obsession Releases Free How to Have Anal Sex Guide

PLACENTIA, Calif. — Sex researcher, educator, and model Kelsey Obsession has unveiled a free how to have anal sex video guide.

Titled "Insider Porn Star Secrets to Amazing Anal Sex," Kelsey Obsession shares the exact techniques she used to go from hating anal sex to loving it. Like many women, Obsession's first anal experience was unpleasant. After meeting her ass-obsessed husband, she spent several years researching, practicing, and perfecting the best methods to enjoy anal play.

"As a sex educator and ass fetish model, I'm often asked how to make anal sex easy, fun, and most importantly, pleasurable for both men and women," Obsession said. "Its important that couples approach ass play with care. Many men don't realize, the secret to getting regular anal sex is to make her want it. With these how to have anal sex techniques, any woman can learn to enjoy anal if she's open to try."

Obsession's how to have anal sex video guide can be found here.