Kheper Games Releases Ladies Night Game

LOS ANGELES — Kheper Games Inc. has released its Ladies Night game.

“The initial response for our exclusive limited release was overwhelming with a high anticipation of the general roll-out to a broader audience, both mainstream and adult,” said Roxana Forenza, Kheper Games sales manager.”

The company said the product works well for mainstream retailers, home parties, as well as the adult market.

"It fits perfectly into the crossover trend which has made our recent releases so enthusiastically received by our diverse client base," the company said.

The game was designed for gal-pals to help them find out how well they know their girlfriends when they wish to get together to laugh, gossip, and celebrate. This game contains categories such as Just For Fun, Style and Beauty, Lifestyle and Love and Relationship (translated in English and Spanish).

“You will notice within our line that we do not narrowly focus our products to bachelorette parties only, but we are successfully embracing the female audience that celebrate regardless of the season and occasion,” Kheper’s CEO Brian L. Pellham said.