Mimi Miyagi Runs for Gov. in Nevada

Michael Hayes
LAS VEGAS — It’s official: California isn’t the only state where voters will be able to select a porn star for governor this fall. Melody Damayo, perhaps better known by her professional name, Mimi Miyagi, filed to place her name on the Nevada ballot for governor.

Damayo, who retired from adult films in 2003 with her role in “Happy Ending,” filed as a Republican and stated that her priority, if elected, would be to enact anti-stalking legislation. She added that she hoped to curb youth and gang violence as well.

“I have nothing left to hide,” Damayo said in reference to her porn past. “My slogan is, 'I'm bare and honest at all times.'”

Apparently that was enough to win the endorsement of the political satire blog Wonkette.

“She’s a fucking porn star,” the endorsement read. “Running for governor of Nevada. As a Republican. ‘Nuff said.”

Damayo, a U.S. citizen born in the Philippines, has been a resident of Henderson, Nev. for 13 years. Her official campaign site contains a biography, resume, publicity photos, contact information for those who want to contribute or volunteer and a brief statement of her political beliefs.

Weighing in on Homeland Security, Damayo was quick with the populist rhetoric, claiming that current policies do a better job of protecting the rich, saying that Homeland Security was about selecting “the best person for the job.”

Picking up on the populist theme once again, Damayo criticized the disparity between rich and poor regarding education. She added that the best measure of economic vitality is how well “many of us are actually earning a living.”

As for the war in Iraq, the newcomer took a page from the playbook of many political veterans, saying that she supported the war in the beginning, but that the Bush administration had largely failed to secure the peace.