Monarchy, Blue Coyote Ink Distro Deal for Interracial Penetrator Studios

Bob Johnson

LOS ANGELES — Monarchy Distribution announced today a distribution deal with Blue Coyote Pictures for its new interracial studio, Penetrator Pictures.

The first title "That Won't Fit!" is set to ship July 9, followed by "Big Black Dicks, Tiny White Chicks" on July 23.

"Our deal with Blue Coyote Pictures encompassing the distribution for Tranny Factory has exceeded all of our expectations,” Mike Kulich, Monarchy owner said. "Even going into the summer months, the sales are still increasing and Gigi has done a great job in helping us move these titles.”

Monarchy said that in addition to the new studio releases, it is forging ahead with its Tranny Factory releases including "Top Off My Tranny Fluids" shipping July 2, and "Tranny Hookups #2" shipping July 16.

"After the stunning success of Tranny Factory, Blue Coyote Pictures was extremely excited to have Mike offer us his new studio, Penetrator Pictures featuring really size-worthy black males and pretty white girls. The star power offered from this new studio is amazing and of course, size DOES matter," Gigi Appleton, Blue Coyote Pictures sales manager said.

She added, “It has been a real pleasure to work with Tranny Factory and now Penetrator Pictures. The quality is outstanding and we cannot wait to see what Mike does next. Also, Mike and his companies believe in ‘giving back’ and have donated proceeds from their first two movies to charity."

For order inquiries contact Appleton at (818) 994-1804 or email