Honey Care Products Creates Buzz

LOS ANGELES —  Honey Care Products reports that its products are continuing to create industry buzz.

To start off the brand's recent campaign, Honey launched its new website earlier this month.  The site features a natural, classy feel with photographs depicting the image and message the brand portrays with its products. 

A blog has been implemented along with all sorts of interesting information regarding the health benefits of honey. 

To add to all the great content are eight products, six of which are brand new including new formulas offered in the bear bottle and a 100 percent ecofriendly glass line of lubricants. 

On the distribution end, Honey has just signed with ECN. 

All of Honey’s products will be available through East Coast News, Eldorado, Williams Trading Co., and Holiday Products. 

Company executives say they are excited about getting started with ECN and they expect the products to be available to a much broader spectrum now allowing more consumers to try the company's products. 

The company said it plans to launch Honey Apparel featuring the natural, classy side of women on high grade T-Shirts.

For more information, visit HoneyLube.com.