'Big Brother U.K.' Contestant Johnny Anglais Joins Tanya Tate's 'Casting Couch'

John Sanford

LOS ANGELES — The "Tanya Tate Casting Couch" continues to stir up celebrity controversy as video of current "Big Brother U.K." contestant, Johnny Anglais/Benedict Garrett, is now heating up the online sex series.

Garrett's hardcore romp with Tate is currently available to view on TanyaTate.com. Since it's online debut, the "Tanya Tate Casting Couch" series has become a favorite among the fans of British star. The reality pro-amateur series sees would-be porn guys get their shot at stardom by performing a sex scene with Tate. Pro Irish Athlete Greg Jacob had a go with Tate on the casting couch that made headlines across Ireland and the U.K. Now Garrett's appearance on the site is causing a buzz in the U.K. press.

Under his porn name Johnny Anglais, Garrett  tries out with Tate, alongside another guy, attempting to raise the heat, only to be joined mid orgy by Greg Jacob and Jordan Kingsley. The scene from the reality-based series illustrates that having sex on video with beautiful women can try even the most virile of men, as Garrett appears to have a tough time.

“I find it amazing that the 'Tanya Tate's Casting Couch' seems to be make the mainstream press with the lads who have performed in the series,” Tate said. “I work very hard on producing the series and I am thrilled with the exposure it has received. Fans can watch regular guys try out to see if they can make it as a pornstar. Some guys do go on to make movies, which is just what Johnny Anglais did. Hopefully he will last longer in the 'Big Brother' household than he did on the 'Tanya Tate Casting Couch.'”