Lizzy Borden to Portray Evil Queen in 'Snow White' Parody

Bob Johnson

GLENDALE, Calif. — Adult star Lizzy Borden has been tapped to portray the Evil Queen in the Sinister X Syndicate debut production of “Snow White: A Fairy Tale Films XXX Parody.”

The studio said that only two years after being released from federal prison, Borden is ready to reprise her role as "Queen of Extreme."

Directed by General Stone, the romantic fantasy film is not what many would expect, Sinister X said.

"Sometimes you just want to catch people off guard and make something shocking they wouldn't expect. I just want to make a fairy tale fuck film. Watch, I'll be copied. Others will do it, I know it. But this one is going to be cool. The castle is being constructed, and I've got a guy who's going to pull off some amazing shit,” Stone said.

The director alluded to his new anonymous special FX specialist, noting that he’s worked on “Star Trek 2,” “Superman 2012,” “The Avengers,“ and other mainstream films.

“He is going to transform Lizzy Borden into the seductively sinister Evil Queen. Lizzy is going to perform a monumental, historic, girl-girl scene. With herself. How can that be done? You'll have to watch and see," Stone said.