Manifest Men Debuts New Contenders Program

DALLAS has debuted the Contenders Program, inviting photographers with passion and videographers with vision to submit their one-of-a-kind content.

Members get a preview and then vote for their favorites each week, and the winning photo set or video will receive a cash prize and be featured on the website. ManifestMen is a hub for fans of bodybuilders, muscle and fitness models and when members said they wanted more home-made video and photo sets, the company responded.

The Contenders Program now accepts HD entries from artists around the world, awarding each week’s winner with $500 and maintaining an exclusive on the material for for one year.

“We wanted to add a social aspect to Manifest Men and let our fans get interactive with the photos and videos they love to watch,” said Alex Sulaco, CEO of parent company Manifest Media.

“Members shared that their favorite content looks more home-made and gritty than the polished material we had been creating, and if that’s what they want then that’s what we’ll give! Then our team decided to step it up and get Manifest Men’s fans invested and participating.”

Unlike similar content competitions, Manifest Men will maintain an exclusive use contract for only one year following its release   after which only a non-exclusive deal will remain. This allows artists to build their portfolios and brand names without being held down by binding contracts.

“The Contenders Program is a way for photographers to monetize content they might not have other use for, while benefitting from a Manifest Men profile page to use to promote their own personal websites,” Sulaco said. “Manifest Media will still produce exclusive muscle content but is also becoming an international online hub.”

All photo sets submitted must contain a minimum of 30 unique shots with a cohesive progression, and implied or explicit nudity is encouraged but not required. A complete written description will accompany each photo set for members to evaluate when voting each week.

Videos may showcase lifestyle acts (workouts, ideally) that are subtly sexual or even overtly sexual in nature. Each must be no less than 10 and no more than 22 minutes in edited length, and all videos will ultimately receive final edits in-house by Manifest Men editors.

All voting will be done by members, and any photo or video sets not selected will remain in the pool for subsequent voting for up to one year. Winners’ payouts are made weekly. Each winning model or photographer/videographer submitting material will receive a Manifest Men profile page with links to a website or contact page, and the company will provide all required releases as well as links to upload submissions.

For more information, click here.

To learn more about the Contenders Program, click here.