NakedSword Originals, Media Partners Launch DVD Line

Bob Johnson

SAN FRANCISCO —  NakedSword's production arm, NakedSword Originals announced today the creation of a DVD line to be distributed by New York City-based based Media Partners.

NakedSword Originals was launched three months ago and has since released three mini-series online all directed by mr. Pam.

The first DVD release to be distributed by Media Partners is "Stalker," featuring BelAmi star Brady Jensen playing an aspiring model who is stalked by a stranger.

Featuring interconnecting scenes, cliff hanger moments, outdoor sex, and a top cast, 'Stalker' is the "porn of the future," according to NakedSword CEO Tim Valenti.

"NakedSword Originals picks up where we left off with our hit franchise Golden Gate, featuring super premium content shot in mini-series form that keeps consumers engaged and wanting more. The NakedSword Originals content speaks for itself and week after week it has now become the most watched content on," Valenti said.

The executive noted that "Stalker" was successful online and is confident that the DVD will follow suit.

"We are truly excited to be exclusively distributing the NakedSword Originals DVD line and to kick it off with the hit online mini-series 'Stalker,'” Media Partners director of development Hugo Harley said.

He added that just a couple months ago he couldn't go to a gay blog or affiliate site without seeing 'Stalker' everywhere. “The buzz that has been built around this release is incredible, I believe we have a blockbuster title on our hands. We were huge fans of NakedSword's groundbreaking Golden Gate and even participated in the 4th season with CockyBoys, so we are honored that NakedSword turned to us to bring their premium american content to market."

Along with Jensen, the cast includes Brian Bonds, Phillip Aubrey, Robert Axel, Christian Wilde, Leo Forte and Ty Roderick.

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