Extreme Associate’s Black Fires Back at U.S. Supreme Court

Michael Hayes
CHATSWORTH, Calif. — A day after the U.S. Supreme Court denied Rob Black’s appeal, sending his case, U.S. vs. Extreme Associates, back to a lower federal court in Pittsburgh for trial, he fired back on his website.

Black, who had a graphic made up of himself and Howie Mandel, host of NBC’s “Deal or No Deal,” gives listeners a nearly five-minute speech with two key messages, which he delivered over a musical score that featured “The Battle Hymn of the Republic.”

Black proclaimed that he won’t ever cut a deal with federal prosecutors, and that he will prevail in his case.

Black makes quick asides about the fact that he is being prosecuted in Pittsburgh, where the government chose to bring the case because Extreme Associates had mailed the allegedly obscene materials there, rather than Los Angeles, where Black lives and works. However, he concludes that the people of Pittsburgh, who he refers to as a “jury of his peers,” will know that his work is not obscene or illegal.

While the speech was mostly bravado, aimed at infuriating detractors and energizing fans, Black did offer one legal insight into the high court’s decision not to hear the case.

“This was a big fuck you,” Black declared.